About Us

The quality policy is an integral and inseparable part of the company’s business policy, and is based on continuous improvement of the quality of the business. The director and his staff are obliged to quality and its constant improvement in all areas of the company. Working as a team, with the involvement of all the employees through a process of continuous quality improvement, preconditions for the fulfillment of the objectives of quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are provided.

Media Print business philosophy is  based on providing customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure that pleasure, the company does the following:

  • Provides the quality of the products that meet the requirements of world standards
  • Provides a competitive price and terms of payment
  • Provides a delivery in time and place, when and where the customer wants

In order to ensure the previoulsy mentioned customer’s needs, Print Media:

  • Provides world-class standards, but also provides technological, control and test conditions for the production and verification of requirements
  • Manages costs and gradually invests with priority in technologial and developing investments
  • Provides its own transportation and essential supplies, so that at any time, as soon as possible, it can respond to customer’s demand for delivery

Media Print has a lot of patience to listen to each customer’s remark. In the previous period, we managed to acquire a name, good reputation and customer’s confidence, which number is increasing every year.

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