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We offer the services of LASER marking, cutting and engraving on the brought or own material.

Laser engraving is a process of engraving the text or graphics with laser beam on the relevant material.The advantage of the laser is that the engraving takes place using a laser beam, without the direct contact with the material on which the engraving happens.This allows superior precision, a large resolution of the engraved content, high-speed development and the stability of the engravings. Laser engraving is possible on materials such as rubber, wood, leather , glass , foam materials, plexiglas, polymer plates of painted metals, stainless steel …In addition to engraving, the lasers have the option of cutting the engraved content or a certain given content .

We offer the production of seals, advertising signs, name tags, stand, boxes, invitations, pendants, calendars, frames, inventory plates and engravings on the pens, lighters, diaries, packaging …

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We produce eco solvent large format and high resolution printing.
Solvent printing is suitable for outdoor and indoor advertising. We print on different materials: PVC foil, tarpaulin, art canvas, window foil, poster paper…

If you need, we can print up to 50 m2 per hour of machine operation.

We can offer billboards, banners, posters, flags, stickers, window branding, vehicle branding…

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Screen Printing

The advantage of screen printing is a high-quality of the print and its durability. That much. Do you have an advertising campaign? The need for umbrellas in the autumn? The need for T-shirts before the summer season? Working overalls and the equipment throughout the year? Let your brand be noticed and let it run for long. We can help you with that since our print is of high quality and long lasting. Sometimes even longer than the brend itself.

Screen printing is a technique that enables making  a print on almost all subjects with a flat surface. It is suitable for printing on plastic, wood, ceramics and similar basis of various shapes and purposes. It has a special application in the textile industry for printing diverse textile materials.

The advantage of a print obtained through the process of screen printing of our printing office, in this way,  is its high quality as well as its durability. That is why when creating the highest quality reproductions of famous paintings, a screen printing is exclusively used  technique.

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Digital printing offers many advantages over standard offset printing and the most important are:

  • production speed
  • good price for short and medium runs
  • quality
  • printing of short runs
  • cost-effectiveness for short and medium runs which in offset would not be economically justified and the realisation wolud last for several days
  • the possibility of printing on different materials – kunstdruk to 300g, foil, mouflon, special papers, etc.
  • personalization options
  • the possibility of printing of variable data (tickets with barcode, coupons, contests …)

It is printed on paper sizes up to 33.0 x 48.8 cm. Print size is 32.0 x 46.8 cm.

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Digital Printing

UV printing

Direct printing on metal, wood, plastics, leather, glass, pendants, pens, lighters …

Professional digital UV printing enables fast direct printing on almost any type of media. The price of the print is competitive with all types of conventional printing methods and allows for a very good price / quality ratio. The advantages of this printing technology are numerous, every request can be answered by rapid production without limit of quantity, and at low prices.

The principle of operation of the digital UV printer is that the printing is done on almost all materials of high quality EKO UV colors (not Chinese), and UV lamps with their light instantly dry the applied color.

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