Screen printing

Reliable print


The advantage of screen printing is the high quality of the print and its durability. That much. Do you have an advertising campaign? Need for umbrellas in the fall? Summer season T-shirts? Work overalls and equipment throughout the year? Make your brand visible and last a long time. We can help you with that. Because our print is quality and lasts a long time. Sometimes longer than a brand.

Screen printing is a technique that makes it possible to print on almost all objects with a flat surface. It is suitable for printing on plastics, wood, ceramics and similar substrates of various shapes and purposes. It is of particular use to the textile industry for printing a wide variety of textile materials.

The advantage of printing obtained through the screen printing process of our printing company in this way is the high quality, as well as its durability. This is why screen printing is the only technique used to produce the highest quality reproductions of known images.

  • Prints on lighters
  • Printed on pencil
  • Print on Scrapbooks
  • Prints on calendars
  • Prints on gift bags
  • Prints stickers
  • Print on PVC foil
  • Print on transparencies
  • Prints on magnetic labels
  • Print to mother
  • Print sweatshirts
  • The press kit
  • Prints the cap
  • Umbrella print
  • Print on leather
  • Prints on bags
  • Prints the diploma cover

Portfolio for screen printing

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